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The Platform

Wealthavenue business funding platform is structured after a combination of 3 major industrial activities: The Mergers and Acquisitions procedures, the Corporate Finance strategies and the Data Analysis…read more


In contrast to the traditional M&A consultancy firms, WealthAvenue specializes in representing the buyer’s/seller’s side due to experienced teams that operate in mergers and acquisitions…read more

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Collaborative Funds

What we are up to?

Our Company Mission
Our mission is to match businesses and investment firms effectively from anywhere in the world, using innovative technology, with the global capital market, providing support on their financial strategies with all the M&A and Corporate finance services available, for succeeding their goals.
The Wealth Avenue Philosophy
Our philosophy stands on the provided opportunity of choice for a business to define its own destiny not by the terms of a surrounding and impermanent economic environment but by the terms of a presence in a powerful global capital market environment.
The Wealth Avenue Promise
We promise that we will lead your businesses plan to match with any relevant investor of your industry in the world and that we will, cost and money efficiently, implement all the necessary procedures until capital raise.
What we daily deal with
We provide for Buyers, Sellers and Funds analytically:

1. Corporate Financing

  • Seed ,Angel,Series A,
  • Private Equity:

Corporations Growth and Transaction Financing, Reverse Merger Series B, C, D, E, F, G, H, Grant, Debt Round, Unattributed, mezzanine, Post Ipo Equity, Post Ipo, Ipo

  • Stock Exchange-listed Corporations: Capital Increase, Replacing, Block trades
  • Institutional Investors: Co-Investments with Capital Market Transactions in Private Equity projects

2. Merger & Acquisitions

  • Private Equity – Corporations: M&A- Strategies, Conceptions and Transactions for all sectors
  • Stock Exchange-listed Corporations: M&A-Transactions, Research, Communication
  • Institutional Investors: Portfolio-Structuring through Synergetic M&A- Transactions

3. Capital Market-Transactions

  • Private Equity: Corporations IPO, Reverse- Merger, Buy-Outs, MBO, MBI
  • Stock Exchange-listed Corporations: Structuring and Placing of Capital Increase, Replacements, Segment Changes, Dual-Listings and Research
  • Institutional Investors:

Co-Investments, Fund- Management, Block trades

  • LPs and GPs for Your Fund
  • As a professional services firm we advise strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A or Corporate finance deal procedures.
  • Beginning with structuring a business plan for matching with the right investors to conceiving strategy to selecting the right partner.
  • We proceed by conducting thorough due diligence until closing the deal.
  • We promise from beginning to end, we align our services to address your transactional and integration needs, all with the goal of building value for our clients.